IB Mentors

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Rya Muller

Founder of the Fairview IB Mentor Project

Fairview '19, Northwestern University '23

Before the IB Mentor Project was created, many 

IB Diploma Candidates had no room in their schedules to take classes they wanted.

We did not get enough information about the diploma program before choosing classes for freshman and sophomore year, meaning we

had to take extra classes our junior and

senior years to get the diploma

I was one of those people, so I helped create

the IB Mentor Project as a way to help future students make more informed decisions. 

All of our mentors are IB Diploma Candidates in their second year of the diploma, having chosen the IB Program for a wide variety of reasons and maintaining strong academic performances while participating in a myriad of extracurriculars.


Mentors provide advice on every aspect of the IB Diploma as well as other Honors courses at Fairview, including Advanced Placement classes.


We are here to help!

Please don't hesitate to request a mentor or reach out with a question regardless of the academic path you are planning on taking!