IB Diploma

The IB Diploma is a two-year educational program created for 16-19 year olds and is

taught in 140 countries around the world.

The program provides an internationally

accepted qualification for entry into higher

education and is recognized by many

universities worldwide.

What is the IB Diploma?

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Components of the Diploma

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6 IB Exams in 6 IB Subject Areas

     3 Higher Level (HL) Exams

     3 Standard Level (SL) Exams

     earning up to 7 points per exam

IB Core

     Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Course

     Extended Essay (EE)

     Creativity Activity Service (CAS) Hours

     earning up to 3 bonus points


To receive their Diploma,

candidates must score at least 

24 points

out of the possible 45 points

Why pursue the IB Diploma?

Encourages students of all ages to     

     consider both local and global contexts​​

   Helps students cope with demanding  workloads, meet expectations, and   

   manage their time ​

Encourages students to think critically and challenge assumptions          

   Develops multilingual and international students through globalized curricula


Recognized and respected by leading   universities around the world     

Higher rates of IB students are           

accepted into the top 500   

 universities than non-IB students

   Subjects are not taught in isolation and     

courses include interdisciplinary reflection 

Allows students to explore their

   interests beyond a typical education  

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Diploma is the right fit? 

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