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Behind the scenes of Fairview and the IB Diploma

     The IB Mentor Project was created by IB diploma candidates to educate younger students about the program. Our goal is to help students understand how the program works in terms of the classes and tests to take, and how ToK, CAS, and the EE work.


     Additionally, we aim to show people that students who choose to pursue the IB diploma also have time to participate in other activities, including clubs, sports, volunteering, and work. There is a stereotype that IB Diploma students don't participate in activities outside of school because they have too heavy of a course load. 


     Lastly, we also want to focus on the reasons why students decide to get the IB diploma. In addition, we want to show how the IB program has impacted students beyond high school as they continue their education. 

"I was sitting in Theory of Knowledge class when the teacher, Mrs. Bradley, asked students to raise their hand if they had ever not been able to take a certain class because of a lack of schedule space, or their GPA. 90% of the kids in the class raised their hand. Upon discussion, I learned that a majority of IB Diploma candidates were not going to get to take the classes that they wanted to take because they were taking extra classes to get their diploma. These students were taking extra classes because they did not get enough information about the diploma program before choosing their classes for freshman and sophomore year. This then affects the courses they had to take as an upper class-men. I am one of those people, and I helped create the IB Mentor Project as a way to prevent future students from having this same problem." 

     Fairview High School is very unique because they have an open IB program. This means that any student has the option of taking IB classes, as opposed to only IB Diploma students. Students also have the option of taking a combination of IB, AP, and advanced classes.


     At other schools, they make you choose, upon entrance to the school, whether or not you want to pursue the IB Diploma, and therefore only IB Diploma students take IB classes, creating a "school within a school."


    At Fairview, students are not officially in the diploma program until junior year, when they take the Theory of Knowledge class, and can therefore change their mind at any time. This also means that the classes that IB Diploma students choose to take in freshman and sophomore year affect the courses and IB tests that they take in junior and senior year.

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